April 2017 African Overlanders - EricBurger

After a week and a bit at African Overlanders near Cape Town we are getting ready to hit the road. The last weeks in Wellington had been pretty hectic and we kind of sunk into a state of relaxation which did not really encourage the work needed to be done in preparation for the planned long trip north. On arrival in Cape Town airport we had half of our bags missing causing us to look in corners and thinking “oh no”, having still seen them in Jo’burg. At the SAA flight service they could kindly tell us they would arrive on the next flight instead!

Amongst the numerous things to do we fitted new cushions to the bench in the Troopy as well as the sheepskin seat covers we took from NZ (all so comfy!!), a new electrical connector so the portable solar panel and compressor can be connected without opening the bonnet. Today a couple of new tyres up the front should see us ready to go.

In theory there should be more storage space, but reality appears to be different.

Plan is to head North and stay at Gecko Creek private reserve near Clanwilliam for a bit (enjoyed it there very much last year), its moto is ”la dolce vita” – the art of doing nothing, then head across the Cederberg Mountains towards the Karoo, for a stay on a friend’s remote farm in the Karoo.

African Overlanders offer a range of services, including accommodation, car shipping and storage. In addition Duncan offers a wealth of information. For more info refer to http://www.africanoverlanders.com/
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