July 2017 Rwanda - EricBurger


Being a small country and with only 2 weeks worth of temporary import permit for the car, we spent just 12 days there. 

Our visit did not start too well: before we even got there the third speeding ticket was incurred in Tanzania, drove straight passed a policemen who wanted me to stop (I only figured that when he blew loudly on his whistle....),  an ATM which swallowed the credit card and a fire hydrant hose stand that could not quite withstand the reversing parking land cruiser.  Who says reverse parking is good idea?

Camping is generally not well catered for in Rwanda, but we did manage to find a place near the center of Kigali with a great view over the city and airport.  Perfect for plane-spotting....  This is where we met Ruanda (our name....), the lost or wandering young dog who took a liking to us and we to her.  Many efforts were expended to find her a new home, but so far to no avail.

Roads are generally very good in Rwanda, but one challenge remains for a 4x4 cruiser and that is the Congo-Nile trail.  This runs the length of Lake Kivu in the west of Rwanda.  The southern part has been upgraded by the Chinese road builders who are busy asphalting all of Africa's roads, but the northern part is still pretty much as it was.

When we set off from Kibuye we were somewhat shocked to find the Chinese hard at work on a new road.

First section of the Congo-Nile trail.  The Chinese road builders got there first.

Fortunately the new road veered away from the lake-side Congo-Nile trail quite soon and we felt more at home on the original "road".

Another interesting bridge on the Congo-Nile trail

Yep, it will take a 3 tonne Cruiser...

Improvised bridge on the Congo-Nile trail.  It will take a 3 tonne cruiser for sure...

This bridge needs widening.... Maxtrax help!

Another interesting bridge on the Congo-Nile trail

Everyone is quite impressed! We are just relieved!

Another interesting bridge on the Congo-Nile trail
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