July 2017 - The Road Less Travelled - EricBurger

After leaving Kasanka we decided to explore a less travelled part of Zambia, so we turned left (West) towards the regional town of Mansa.  This was still familiar ground as both this year and last we had been here to extend our visa.  Last chance for some supermarket shopping too.

After Mansa the road soon turns to gravel and progressively deteriorates and is never very far from the DRC border.  Rural scenery abound and still a fair bit of tree cover.  However despite the fact that Zambia is not very densely populated, evidence of the conversion of the forest into charcoal is visible everywhere.  With the projected population growth it does not bode well.

Along this route there are some pleasant waterfall which happily also offer camping.  Few other vehicles are encountered and no other overlanders at all. We have the campsites to ourselves.

We finish the trip in the North at Lake Tanganyika, which is worlds deepest and 2nd largest.  To get to the lake involves a rather unpleasant stretch of road but the Troopy gets us there in one piece. The difference in temperature is evident as we are now much further North and also at the lower altitude of just under 900m at the lake.

At Ndole Lodge we camp on the beach and promptly get stuck in the deep sand as we manoeuver the Troopy into a good spot.  The 1st serious use of the Maxtrax gets us out without much difficulty.  The Trax live up to their reputation! 

Now we can finally have a proper holiday, on the beach and do nothing for a few days!

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