July 2017 National Parks of Tanzania - EricBurger
Sunset in Tarangeri National Park

The updating of the this blog is rather dependent on good speed internet and that has been far and few between of late.  Now that we are enjoying a rather pleasant Lake Kivu in Rwanda we have a chance to post some photo's.

During July visited 5 of Tanzania's National Parks.  Due to the very high cost we choose carefully and the parks visited range from the iconic Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater to the less visited Katavi National Park.  In many respect we enjoy the quieter parks much better as the sense of remoteness is just so much better.  It was a bit of the shock when we were first confronted with the hordes of tourist game drive vehicles at the entrance to Tarangeri NP.  The initial response was lets go somewhere else.... I guess its a once in a lifetime so in the end we did manage to enjoy it and you can actually get away from the crowds. 

In Manyara, a small park dominated by a lake with tens of thousands of water birds we had the campsite to ourselves and we were treated to roaring lions close to the camp.

In Katavi we wild camped along the river and this again turned out to be a great experience.

The Serengeti revealed Lion, Cheetah and Leopard, all within a few hours.  The photo's are a small selection showing some of the landscapes as well as the wildlife encountered.  The Serengeti is also "memorable" for what must be a strong contender for worst road in East Africa.  The corrugations in the road are so bad that its a miracle we have any teeth left!

Click on the photo below to open the link to the Tanzania National Park Gallery

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