September 2017 Kenya National Parks - EricBurger

During our 1 Month stay in Kenya we visited a number of national parks and reserves.  Places visited include the Mara, Mount Kenya, Aberdares, Amboselli and Tsavo as well as Ol Petaja.  The latter has the last of the Northern White Rhino, that is just 3 and for various reasons they no longer breed.  So these are truly the very last.  A say story indeed.

In the Aberdares we camped at 3000m and even right on the equator it gets really cold, right down to freezing in fact.

Kenya has a lot to offer in terms of parks, however we were a little time constrained as well as there is always the high cost of visiting the East African parks to consider.

We enjoyed our visit to Kenya, lovely people and easy to get around.

The link below opens the Kenya photo gallery.

Kenya Pictures

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